a. working papers:
1. How is Earnings News Transmitted to Stock Prices? with Vincent GrégoireLatest version: January 2018.
  • Conferences: NFA (2017),  SFS Calvade Asia (2017)
2. The Evolution of Market Price Efficiency Around Earnings NewsPreliminary draft - Latest version: January 2018.

  • Conferences: ASU Sonoran Winter Conference (2016), CICF (2016), NFA (2016), Econometric Society Asia (2016), FIRS (2017), Ivey Symposium on Intelligent Investing (2017)
  • Conferences: WFA (2017), FIRCG (2016), FMCGC (2016), FMA (Asia, 2016), CICF (2016), EFA (2016)
  • Our results support the argument by the former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Narayana Kocherlakota on the impact of having two classes of FOMC announcements.

b. work in progress

1. Can Trading Derail Price Discovery? Evidence from FOMC Announcements, with Oliver Boguth and Vincent Grégoire

c. past research

      1. published research (at HEC Montreal):

    Do Political Institutions Affect the Choice of the U.S. Cross-Listing Venue? with Jean-Claude Cosset and Anis Samet. Journal of Multinational Financial Management.

    International Involvement of Established SMEs: A Systematic Review of Antecedents, Outcomes, and Moderators with David Pastoriza-Rivas. International Business Review.

    2. published business case study (at HEC Montreal):

    iMag. with David Pastoriza Rivas. (2013). International Journal of Business Case Studies in Management. Available at Harvard Business Publishing.