[Under continuous construction] The purpose of this page is to refer my students to useful links and other related gems that I found on the web.


  • Great visual resource on behavioral economics (or finance) regarding cognitive biases. A must for anyone studying the human being
  • "Commanding Heights" PBS documentary on the evolution of economic thinking since the 1900's. Its 6 hour documentary (3 parts). Really well done and easy to listen (if you go by part!). I've learned a lot from this documentary. I did my studies mostly in finance and a little in economics so its thanks to this documentary that I learned about F.A. von Hayek and Austrian economics
  • Huge economic conference with George Soros, Nouriel Roubini (Dr. Doom), Paul Krugman, Niall Ferguson, etc. six months after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. (There are nine parts to the conference video)
  • Visit the Mises Institute website to have access to all the great libertarian economic books! Books from Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, etc
  • Presentation by Peter Klein at the ''In Defense of Capitalism'' conference. Peter Klein teaches economics at the University of Missouri and at the Mises Institute. His new book ''The Capitalist and Entrepreneur'' just came out and its available in PDF for free here
  • Good article by Clive Thompson on Game Theories and Fantasy Games (online games!)
  • Economic and finance historian Niall Ferguson speech: Empires on the Edge of Chaos
  • Presentation by Robert Shiller: How Animal Spirits Drive the Economy
  • Presentation by John Bogle: Free Market's Moral Crisis - Bogle is a hero of mine!
  • Documentary by the BBC on Warren Buffett "The World's Greatest Money Maker"
  • F.A. Hayeks' paper on "Why I am Not a Conservative"
  • A Ronald Coase lecture at the University of Chicago Law School
  • Nassim Taleb on "Living with black swan" video @ Wharton University
  • Elinor Ostrom's views on research
  • "A critical regard to the History of Econometrics" by Annie L. Cot (her Thesis at the University of Paris - Sorbonne)


  • An article written by Michael Lewis (in the Vanity Fair) called "The Man Who Crashed the World" - the guy who led AIG to rumble. Excellent article by an excellent writer.
  • Another article written by Michael Lewis for the Manhattan, inc. on "How a Tokyo earthquake could devastate Wall Street and the World Economy".
  • Conversation between David Cameron before he became UK's Prime Minister with Nassim Taleb. It's good to hear a political leader taking Taleb's advice seriously. Also, David Cameron asks great questions to Taleb.
  • Presentation by Burton Malkiel at Google Talk on investment timeless lessons.
  • Frontline documentary entitled "The Warning" on how the financial crisis of 2008-2009 could have been prevented
  • Another Frontline documentary called "Inside the Meltdown": How the US responded to the collapse of Bear Sterns and Lehman
  • Yes...another Frontline documentary called "The Untouchables". It investigates why Wall Street’s leaders have escaped prosecution for any fraud related to the sale of bad mortgages.
  • PBS 1997 documentary on the stock market frenzy of the 90s - warning: many dumb investors... However super amazing documentary.
  • Visis the Yale International Center for Finance for data on stock prices in the UK and US prior to the First World War. Plus, there is great visual museum of actual stocks and bonds (really well done)
  • Another interesting financial crisis of 2008 documentary called Meltdown
  • The Ascent of Money documentary by Niall Ferguson via PBS. Documentary on the history of finance.
  • The best free finance (and economic) weekly newsletter out there is by John Mauldin, entitle ''Thoughts from the Frontline''. I highly suggest you to sign-up to his newsletter. I have learned a lot from Mauldin
  • Nassim Taleb: The Need to Build a Robust Society
  • Yale Lecture by David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer for Yale University Endowment
  • Lazy portfolios proposed by Peter Farrell -- Great resource for retail investors
  • "Whiteboard" financial presentations by Paddy Hirsch - by far the best and simplest financial presentations ever!
  • Prisoners of Debt: This feature documentary reveals how Bank of Montreal chairman William Mulholland dealt with his debt-laden customers Dome Petroleum and Mexico during the global debt crisis of '82. Interviews with bankers and financial experts demystify the causes of debt crisis, confirm the fragility of the international banking system and outline the problems to be solved if the system is to survive
  • Free book by Burton Malkiel and Charles Ellis ''The Elements of Investing'' available here! (legal)
  • Great presentation by Simon Johnson, author of 13 Bankers and blogger at Baseline Scenario, at MIT
  • Article by Malcom Gladwell on Nassim Taleb (written in 2002) titled "Blowing Up" - Excellent article
  • "The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville" by Warren Buffett - a great piece on written for the 50th anniversary of Security Analysis by Graham and Doddsville
  • Michael Lewis on Long-Term Capital Management (NYT article, 1999)
  • Hugh Hendry (of Eclectica Asset Management and Steven Drobny, Drobny Global Advisors) interview at the London School of Economics (2011).
  • PBS Frontline Money, Power and Wall Street documentary (2012) - Four parts.
  • PBS Frontline To Catch a Trader (2014)
  • Money and Speed: Inside The Black Box (2012) - documentary on the Flash Crash and High-Frequency Trading
  • Gene Fama review on the Efficient Market Hypothesis (video, 2008)
  • Wall Street Code - Documentary on HFT featuring Haim Bodek
  • Midas Formula - Documentary on Black-Sholes-Merton formula and Long-Term Capital Management


  • Need inspiration for your next visual presentation? Visit slideshare for where people uploads their presentation on various topics (ppt, keynote, etc.)
  • The Marshmallow Challenge is a task where teams need to come up with the tallest structure (made of spaghetti) with a marshmallow on top. A challenge where business people tend to do very poorly. Find out why!
  • My favorite TED presentations: Benoit Mandelbrot, Sir Ken Robinson (talk 1 and talk 2), Rives, J.J. Abrams, David Cameron, Alain de Botton, Dan Gilbert, Seth Godin, Herbie Hancock, Dan Ariely, Benjamin Zander, etc...
  • Tips for creative success by Pixar's Randy Nelson. Nelson is the Dean of Pixar University and gives a talk on important content for all professionals and students. The talk is called Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age. I personally follow Nelson's guidelines given in his presentation in my daily life
  • Superb presentation by Seth Godin: an entrepreneur and blogger who thinks about the marketing of ideas in the digital age
  • Presentation by Steven Johnson. People often credit their ideas to individual “Eureka!” moments. But Steven shows how history tells a different story. His fascinating tour takes us from the “liquid networks” of London’s coffee houses to Charles Darwin’s long, slow hunch to today’s high-velocity web
  • Dr. Tae's video on why school sucks or why school does not know how to teach! It may not be business per se but education! And there's a lot education going on in our businesses but done in a terrible way...you know.."Death by Powerpoint" and that kind of crap!
  • Applicable to many fields, how to self-control ourselves of what I call "laziness" biases - presentation by Dan Ariely
  • Presentation: Understanding social media with David Armano - "Social media is not social; we make media social"
  • Planningless 2011 - "How to design a business" by IDEO...excellent slideshow!
  • Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen presentation in Paris (Nov.2011): 30min. Well done.



  • A presentation by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot about his life work on fractal geometry. I decided to post this is philosophy section simply because fractal geometry is (for me) a new way at looking at the world. [Only works with Internet Explorer - argh! damn you Microsoft!] + visit the Yale University page on fractals. Everything you need to know on fractals is there
  • The Lost Art of Democratic Debate: Michael Sandel at TED2010. Excellent TED presentation by the Harvard professor on the theory of justice. Michael Sandel also has some of his classes online.
  • Click here for hand-written copies of letters exchanged by George Soros and Karl Popper (my favorite philosopher) on Soros' appreciation of Popper's work on "Open Society and its Enemies" when he was student (1952), Soros' critique request letter to Popper on a paper that he wrote on Reflexivity theory, letter of Soros to tell Popper that he named is foundation the "Open Society" and Popper's reply. I got all these copies from micro-films at the London School of Economics
  • May not be philosophy per se but we can definitely classify this great documentary by the BBC called The Secret Life of Chaos in the field of philosophy. Great doc on the evolution of chaos theory
  • (This is more history than philosophy, but still...) great documentary by Niall Ferguson "War of the World" - there are six episodes

In Defense of Capitalism conference